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Dish Construction in Malaysia

Inspection or assembly of your Antennas or Antenna Tooling at either your site or at the final assembly site. We offer Mirror Cube Alignment, Rms Values and focal point reports. Our New 17,000 Sq Ft Manufacturing facility in Long Beach is centrally located to all of...

Power Plants: Steam Turbine Project

Project: Steam Turbine Focus: Rebuilding / Realignment When rebuilding steam turbines, it is common to replace older components and use existing assemblies. This presents the challenge of matching new components to the existing assemblies which hava likely been in...


Advanced Technologies™ Laser Trackers are the fastest and most accurate. In our temperature-controlled facility we can offer the best possible results. We have seven 8′ x 4′ surface tables that can be rigged to hold odd-shaped or large parts. In the past six years we...

We are the BEST VALUE in the Laser Measurement, 3D Modeling, Measurement and Reverse Engineering industry

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