Measurement Device Rentals

Rent a Portable FARO CMM, Laser Scanner or Laser Tracker

Kadan Consultants offer portable FARO measurement device rentals for all your 3D Measurement needs, Laser Scanners, Laser Trackers and portable CMM Arms. We offer competitive rates for any length of time and the fastest possible delivery.

FARO Laser Tracker

Perform 3D measurements with a high degree of precision and speed by using an ultra-precise laser beam to measure objects (up to 72 meter range) and an accuracy of 17 microns over a distance of 20’. Our laser trackers are able to capture and interpret 3D shapes with respect to any chosen coordinate system, and are extremely portable. Kadan Rental Services offers daily, weekly, monthly or annual rentals for our FARO portable devices. We can also provide full services.

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The Platinum FARO Arm

An efficient, flexible measuring tool that allows inspection to take place anywhere, providing the user with increased mobility. It is able to measure parts and search for flaws, according to set specifications from a 3D CAD model or 2D print.

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The FARO Arms are a portable CMM

Provide a precision of +/-.0005” through +/-.002”, offering a higher accuracy than other portable measurement tools. Its ease of use and reliability has made it the most widely used portable CMM in the world today. You will have the confidence of knowing your fixtures and parts are within tolerance.

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