Overview of Services provided by Kadan Consultants
Precision Measurement

Precision Measurement

Kadan Consultants 3D laser scanning technology can provide you with:
  • Complete measurement data of the entire surface of your object, verifying that the as-built part matches your CAD model
  • True CAD models for FEA testing of actual geometry to correct problems before parts go into productionCAD models to validate tooling, even when no current models exist
  • Profile data of the whole part so assemblies can be digitally put together, revealing inaccuracies and interferences.

Inspection World-Wide

Contract Source Inspection is provided for a wide range of industries with a depth of knowledge to back-up each assignment. Our technicians are experienced in multiple disciplines. Our skills were acquired over decades in Precision Machining, Aerospace Tooling, Metal Stamping, CAD drafting and a variety of other disciplines that provide a depth of understanding of what the customer expects from a supplier.
Assembly Jig
Tooling Assembly

Tooling & Assembly

Kadan was founded by a Jig & Fixture builder with a machining background; he surrounded himself with some of the best tool makers that he worked with over a 30 year career in the aircraft industries. We get the best possible results because we control our environment. The Kadan facility is set-up to facilitate the accurate production & assembly of very close tolerance Jigs & fixtures.

Reverse Engineering

In order to reverse engineer a product or component of a system, our engineers follow this four-stage process:
  • Identifying the product or component which will be reverse engineered.
  • Observing or disassembling the information documenting how the original product works.
  • Implementing the technical data generated by reverse engineering in a replica or modified version of the original.
  • Creating a new product (and, perhaps, introducing it into the market).
Reverse Engineering Predator

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