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Aircraft, Automotive Tooling & Assemblies

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Aircraft Tools

There are a multitude of devices used to ensure that the aircraft, spacecraft or satellites being built are accurate, true and square. These come in many forms and can be complicated trussed assemblies that are as much of a project as the finished assembly or craft it is used to manufacture. The fact of the matter is that if you build an accurate fixture or jig then you will get better parts and better parts equal better assemblies and better assemblies build better Aircraft, Spacecraft, and Automobiles or any thing that gets put together. Kadan was founded by a Jig & Fixture builder with a machining background; he surrounded himself with some of the best tool makers that he worked with over a 30-year career in the aircraft industries. We get the best possible results because we control our environment. The Kadan facility is set-up to accommodate the accurate production & assembly of very close tolerance Jigs & fixtures. We are temperature-controlled with no large machines or loud noises that vibrate and move things around. If you like, we can travel to you to do the final assembly on-site at your facility, or the install at your customer’s facility. It is pretty straight forward: If you want your tool to be the best it can be, you hire the best people using the best equipment!