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Source Inspection World Wide

We have completed projects world-wide, including Asia, Central America, South America and Europe

Source Inspection World-Wide

Kadan Consultants’ source inspection services allow you to reach your suppliers when your company needs additional skills or people. These services are performed all around the world to customers in virtually any manufacturing setting. Contract Source Inspection is provided for a wide range of industries with a depth of knowledge to back-up each assignment. Our technicians are experienced in multiple disciplines. Our skills were acquired over decades in Precision Machining, Aerospace Tooling, Metal Stamping, CAD drafting and a variety of other disciplines that provide a depth of understanding of what the customer expects from a supplier. Our experience with complex documentation runs deep. We understand the documentation support needs of the Defense, Medical, and Aerospace industries. Customers have come to rely on Kadan’s third-party inspection as a key resource in Measurement System Development (MSD) when processes are beginning to be established. We can also provide Measurement System Analysis (MSA) support and comparative studies. Kadan’s Source Inspectors can provide oversight, hands-on verification, and general process assessment, as your needs require.

We are the BEST VALUE in the Laser Measurement, 3D Modeling, Measurement and Reverse Engineering industry