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Comparing Castings to 3D models or 2D blueprints

Castings are metal poured and formed in molds. They can be very detailed and precise, making them hard to inspect. After the casting has cooled it is removed from the mold and either machined or ground down to the finished 3D shape. Laser scanning can accurately measure all of the geometry of the part and the mold, no matter how intricate– size is not an issue.

The ability to combine the laser tracker in measurement technology with our experience in turbine alignment is the basis of our superior accuracy and outcomes. The implementation of our processes will expedite the overall inspection time / alignment process. Our correct use of Laser Trackers eliminates human error in measurement data and reduces the impact of thermal movement on the alignment process.

Proven Alignment Technology

All previous alignment methods, including bore scope alignment, only provide data of the center point locations. Our innovative process completely eliminates the ‘optical bore alignment method’. The inspection process is designed to provide you with the most accurate measurement data, including the bore center location, concentricity, radial distances, and axial distances. With the laser tracker you gain assurance of a thorough inspection and a plethora of measurement data.

Receive All Reportable Data Instantly

Our technicians deliver the measurement data via spreadsheets and graphs while on-site. Our reports provide raw measurements and are easy to understand. The more efficient we are in being able to present the reports to you, the better you are able to understand the results. With this clear understanding of all relevant data, you now have the knowledge you need to make a better educated decision.

Repeatable Accuracy of 0.0005″

In favorable environmental conditions our technicians are capable of repeating inspections and individual measurements at a precision of up to five thousandth of an inch or 0.0005″. What this means to you the customer is State-of-Art accuracy, precision, quality, efficiency, and the peace-of-mind knowing that the inspection is void of measurement variables.