Temperature-Controlled Inspection

Our manufacturing facility is 11,000 Sq Ft of environmentally-controlled space
Temperature-Controlled Inspection

Advanced Technologies™ Laser Trackers are the fastest and most accurate. In our temperature-controlled facility we can offer the best possible results. We have seven 8′ x 4′ surface tables that can be rigged to hold odd-shaped or large parts. In the past six years we have traveled all over the world: USA, Asia, Africa, Central and South America and Europe.

Our 11,000 Sq Ft Manufacturing facility in Huntington Beach is centrally located to all of Southern California. We have an environmentally-controlled Jig Shop with a complete machine shop, which allows us to achieve the ever-decreasing tolerances that are being demanded by our customers. All of our equipment is calibrated and traceable to NIST and; we are ISO 9001 certified. Our Motto: “First time quality, every time!”

Kadan is proud to be using the latest version of Verisurf™ measurement software. With Verisurf we can provide state of the art reverse engineering for all your manufacturing needs. Kadan Inc. Also supplies on-site or off-site inspection services. We utilize the latest in Laser inspection equipment and techniques to provide our customers with the most accurate data possible.

We are the BEST VALUE in the Laser Measurement, 3D Modeling, Measurement and Reverse Engineering industry

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